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"Just Me" Photography Project

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Just Me

Women are shown through the media from the time they are children that they are not pretty enough, not skinny enough…..just not good enough. Although no one may say these words directly to us, we are constantly shown pictures of women that are gorgeously made up with professional hair, makeup, expensive clothing, and photoshop. We are fed the illusion that unless you have flawless skin, are a size 2, have perfect hair, big lips, big boobs, big butt, then you are not good enough. Seeing this from a young age, we think that this is what we should strive for. The problem is, it is all an illusion and impossible to obtain.

It is not only on TV and movies; it crosses over to the toys and games. Look at the Barbie dolls with her long blonde hair and perfect figure. There are aisles of make-up for little girls. In a 1997 survey by the Renfrew Center, a facility for girls with eating disorders, researchers found that 90 percent of the toys meant for girls that were examined dealt with beauty and beauty products, shopping, and dating. The stores featured in one game were a beauty salon, a bridal shop, a store for ball gowns, and one for ballerinas.

My project is to help women to embrace their individuality and their true, raw beauty. I truly believe that when women, young and old, have self-esteem and are happy with themselves, their beauty radiates from within. I want to show this to the women that participate in this project and those that view it. Women of all ages, sizes, and with their imperfections, are beautiful….by being, Just Me.


For my project, I am asking for women between the ages of 13 to 100 years old to be photographed by me in my studio. There will be no makeup or fancy clothes. I do ask you to wear solid colored clothing. I will be taking several images in monochromatic/ black &white, or sepia. I will have a viewing, for participates to come in to see their images and each will receive one print and digital file for compensation. I plan to also have a showing that anyone interested can come view the printed images. I will also post them on my website as well as social media.

If interested in participating please email me your name, age, and some dates that you could come into my studio for your session. Together we can empower Women.

Please check out some of the videos of participates. 

I plan on updating the videos every 2 weeks or so.   Enjoy.


"Just Me" Corrine

Corrine is a dental hygienist. A beautiful and strong woman. This is her story.

"Just Me" Jasmine

Jasmine is a mother and social worker. This is her story.